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i want to stop having failed relationships

i've been in serious relationships. i once thought i dated "the one" but we just triggered each other's demons so it had to end. my little girl's dad was a cheating ahole but we ended up being toge... Read More

16 hours 11 minutes 42 seconds ago

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Cant believe it happened to me.

While I was away for work my drink was spiked and when i came to my senses 2 guys were in my room. And well you know :'( I've told my partner about my drink beong spiked but not that there were 2 guys in my ... Read More

1 day 20 hours 5 minutes 14 seconds ago

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taboo attraction

For some reason i have become very sexualy attracted to my stepmother who is age 48 but her body seems to be ageing very well as of recently she has stopped wearing bras I am not complaining at all we tend t... Read More

3 days 3 hours 14 minutes 27 seconds ago

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Chelsy Tellez 3sum

I had an affair Read More

3 days 14 hours 4 minutes 57 seconds ago

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I suck and need to leave

I used to be a good and engaged-enough performer but I am now well past my prime and I should sideline myself to make room for the truly worthy. I have no love in my life nor any direction to my energy right... Read More

5 days 2 hours 26 minutes 1 second ago

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I'm worried

I might become a cold, mean person if I don't fix things with my family. I can't ignore them forever. Read More

5 days 8 hours 46 minutes 48 seconds ago

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I am a pansy

I am 30 years old and when I get really angry I tear up. I hate it when it happens, my voice starts to crack and it makes me feel like a pansy... Read More

5 days 21 hours 52 minutes 31 seconds ago

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I've wanted to fuck my cousin since I was a child

Every time we go to visit her I cant help but get into her laundry basket in the bathroom and take a nice deep sniff of a pair of her panties . I have even taken a few pairs home and have kept them for years . Read More

1 week 1 day 0 hours 44 minutes 59 seconds ago

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i don't want

To be the bug. Read More

1 week 2 days 9 hours 9 minutes 38 seconds ago

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i think

My liver might be killing me. I'm too scared to find out. Read More

1 week 2 days 9 hours 12 minutes 28 seconds ago

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