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My BF's Kid Is a Psychoath

You're not supposed to hate a child. I never have. Until now. But no one likes this kid. If he were an adult, he'd be labeled a psychopath: lies, manipulates, cheats, never wrong, blames others, smiling all ... Read More

13 hours 6 minutes 32 seconds ago

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Only when I see them outside the house

I just turned 17 so its over a year now that I have known the two girls from next door have been watching me shower two or three times a week or more. Sara is 15 and her sister Sally I think is 13. I have ... Read More

6 days 4 hours 23 minutes 36 seconds ago

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slave revenge fantasy

i have a fantasy where a busty black woman seduces me and takes me back to a hotel, whereupon two or three giant black bucks take turns raping my ass while the negress watches and laughs. Read More

6 days 5 hours 23 minutes 55 seconds ago

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as AIM dies I want to confess that I used to have sexing conversations all day at work with women all over the world and I would jerk off into the garbage cans three or four times a day. I get hard thinking ... Read More

6 days 5 hours 28 minutes 32 seconds ago

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Military Creates Crush

I met my good friend through the Air Force. We both started at the same Guard base, and became fast friends. Fellas always hit me up for intel when they were interested in her, which was often, and we always... Read More

1 week 6 days 21 hours 10 minutes 50 seconds ago

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The Unfaithful Two

I found out yesterday that my long distance boyfriend has been cheating on me. We're still together even though my friends told me to dump him. Today I went to omegle, meet this guy and sent nudes to him ove... Read More

2 weeks 0 days 1 hour 36 minutes 41 seconds ago

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Just a gullible piece of meat...

I was a college undergraduate at the time of these events. I had a friend of the opposite gender a few years ago at a low point in my life, we had a little bit in common and would text all the time, after ab... Read More

2 weeks 1 day 4 hours 24 minutes 9 seconds ago

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I can't do anything right. My husband hates and resents me. I said tonight he was better than how he'd been treated in the past and he told me he'd like to see who I'd dated so he could judge me. I tried exp... Read More

2 weeks 4 days 22 hours 21 minutes 44 seconds ago

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I'm fucking done

I want to kill myself, I have no reason and it's literally because I'm a greedy peice of shit who isn't happy with his perfect life Read More

2 weeks 5 days 2 hours 13 minutes 7 seconds ago

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I hate my life.

I always feel like I get blamed for everything bad that happens at home and that my mom or sister dont love or care about me anymore Read More

2 weeks 6 days 4 hours 3 minutes 2 seconds ago

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