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Christian Eaglehead is a criminal. He has an extensive criminal record. You can look it up online at the Washington State Patrol website or background check. Make sure to look under both names. It’s 4 page... Read More

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I was discussing blood types with a guy and his sister. I mentioned that I was type O negative, which meant I was a universal donor. The sister proceeded to argue with me about it and her brother tried findi... Read More

1 day 1 hour 0 minutes 24 seconds ago

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Today I was ready for another of fasting but ended up going out with my dad and brother for pizza. I feel like crap now. I'm going to exercise tonight like I usually do but I still feel sick to my stomach th... Read More

1 week 0 days 11 hours 47 minutes 36 seconds ago

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Said something bad, am I an awful person?

I'm 19, and I'm a pale-skinned Cherokee tribal citizen. I have Aspegers, it's a form of autism. I'm Muslim because I practice Islam and I believe in equal rights. Anyhow, A few months ago this black ma... Read More

1 week 1 day 1 hour 24 minutes 15 seconds ago

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Busted wearing my daughters panties

I walked in on my boyfriends best friend trying on my 14 year old daughters panties on in her bedroom. I mean he was naked with a full erection wearing Olivia's underwear. I didn't know what to say. Then I ... Read More

1 week 2 days 8 hours 31 minutes 23 seconds ago

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Careful what u wish for

I went to the park at 3 in the morning as I did often to dress up in my girlfriends panties and jerk off in the night air. It's always dead. So on this night I got the urge, this time I put on these pink an... Read More

1 week 2 days 8 hours 43 minutes 42 seconds ago

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attractions near pattaya

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1 week 3 days 8 hours 4 minutes 24 seconds ago

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I am a 45-year-old man and I constantly have this fantasy to have an affair on my wife. I don’t pursue it but if the opportunity ever came up, I am certain I would go through with it. Read More

1 week 3 days 15 hours 51 minutes 43 seconds ago

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I wanted her

Theres this girl that I legitimately love like every other girl I just wanted sex but when I'm with her I just feel at peace with everything and my life is ok fir a while............. but she is with someone... Read More

1 week 4 days 8 hours 13 minutes 7 seconds ago

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Look at all these cases against him. Name Court Case Number Judgment Record Court Information 1 Eaglehead, Christian Defendant Lynnwood Municipal 160163510 06-13-2016 2 Eaglehead, Christian Def... Read More

1 week 4 days 8 hours 51 minutes 7 seconds ago

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