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Little girl fantasies

I've been remembering watching my grandpa in the 1950's giving so much sexual pleasures to all the little girls in town and now i enjoy thinking and fantasizing about it. last night i fantasized about the 10... Read More

5 days 23 hours 40 minutes 5 seconds ago

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2 week notice

I've only been working at my new job for only 3 weeks and I move down to Madison for college in 2 weeks. So tomorrow I'll give a 2 week notice letting them no I'll be leaving soon. I don't know what to expec... Read More

6 days 0 hours 55 minutes 7 seconds ago

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Best thing happened

There's a plump widow of 64 years down the street I'm helping with several things. I'm 18 and earning for my holiday I planned. Now she gave me some extra for having sex with her. Well, I'll do it for fre... Read More

6 days 10 hours 33 minutes 39 seconds ago

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Young girl fantasies

I maybe a 76yo horny old man today but i was fantasizing about what i would do in grandpa's situation if a sexy 10yo girl came to visit me for sexual attention. if she came to visit me wearing a short dress ... Read More

6 days 20 hours 42 minutes 16 seconds ago

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First ejaculation with my sister

When I was 14 the summer I had just finished 8th grafe my sister was 13 she had just ffinished7th g rade my sister asked me to undress for her. We were alone in the house. I undressed and lay naked across he... Read More

1 week 1 day 8 hours 58 minutes 0 seconds ago

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I'm sinful

I masturbated repeatedly and used mind projection I neglected to share my faith for many days in a row I've used profanity I became drunk I've been disrespectful lazy prideful and selfish Read More

1 week 2 days 10 hours 42 minutes 19 seconds ago

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Sexy young girls

I agree with the guy who's grandpa made little girls happy in the 1950's. they are very sexually aware today at real young age. sex is so open today they enjoy using their sexual assets to get a man's attent... Read More

1 week 4 days 20 hours 5 minutes 37 seconds ago

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защита грунта минеральными удобрениями

Приветствую Вас дамы и господа! Минеральные удобрения– вещества, имеющие неорганическую природу происхождени... Read More

2 weeks 2 days 18 hours 3 minutes 1 second ago

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The human race is evil

I'm a nice guy and I'm just going to say it. The human race is evil and deserves to die. So few people in the world is good. If there is a god, u f***ed up. This experiment was a fail, time to clear the boar... Read More

2 weeks 2 days 20 hours 31 minutes 40 seconds ago

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железные двери для квартиры

Доброго времени суток господа! ООО «Деловой металл» предлагает изготовленные на собственном оборудовании мета... Read More

2 weeks 6 days 12 hours 55 minutes 53 seconds ago

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