I Miss Our Nights

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  • Baby,
    I hate that you have a girlfriend now. I remember when I was the only one you wanted to spend time with. She's not good for you, I know, but you won't listen to me when I tell you. I want to to fuck me so hard like you did then when you got mad. You were so cute when you got frustrated when we were in a public place and we couldn't escape. Our long walks together and our long talks are some of the biggest things I miss. When you got horny and frustrated when I couldn't stop what I was doing right then, I miss that. I miss our movie nights. I miss our messages when we were apart. I had to delete them all because if I went back to read them, I would cry. You're the sweetest, sexiest, hottest, smartest guy I know, and I miss you so very much. I miss the way you could alway make me smile, and how we used to talk from the time we woke up, until we went to sleep. The way you could go from being super sweet to being dirty in less than a second really turned me on. You're still the only one that I can even think about. I wish you knew how much I actually miss you, and I wish you knew just how bad she is for you. She'll cheat you and hurt you, but you wouldn't listen if I tried telling you again. I want you so bad... The truth is... I love you. Please come back to me.

    Posted 4 years ago

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