sloppy seconds

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  • My wife is a serial cheater, she's had a ton of different guys since we have been married. I don't mind because I love getting her sloppy seconds. Sometimes she will call me from a hotel after her friend leaves and I get to fuck her sloppy wet pussy on the same bed.

    Posted 4 years ago

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    • I search for this type of porn. Never been there but can relate to the fantasy. I guess if your wife really loves you and you get to enjoy this fantasy as a reality then some would consider you lucky. Either or, you are playing with a bit fire on the health side of the fence. Risky per se. I can understand the temptation though. Something wrong yet right about such a fantasy. Good luck and I guess communication is key. If you don't have that you are destined to fail.

      Posted 4 years ago

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