I had sex with my housekeepers

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  • My wife would ignore me sexually.. I made a good living and we always had housekeepers/nannies. When possible, I would get close with the ladies and discuss sex... this would often lead to my being masterbated by them or touching them regularly... This went on even after their employment... Whenever they needed money, I would always enjoy having them show their nakedness to me and getting me off... Other than that, I was a good husband and father in all the typical ways.. If you need more details, leave a message..

    Posted 4 years ago

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    • That was really shitty of you. You weren't a good husband and father.

      Posted 4 years ago

    • you kidding me! that is hot! I would dress up and be your bitch.

      Posted 3 years ago

    • Way to go!!! Why should you destroy your family.
      Great way to deal with it.

      Posted 3 years ago

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