I want him to fuck me

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  • I'm married but I really wish I wasn't. I have recently found myself attracted to a man at work. I imagine him fucking me every which way.
    I have been with my husband since I was 17 (I'm now 31) and he is my only sexual partner. I've never been with anyone else and he is not that good in bed, so I don't think I would be that good either but the things I wish I could do I would never want to do with my husband anyway. My big fear is that if this guy would want me too I would be crap and he would leave (he's 37and has had a few partners so probably very good in bed or at least knows what he wants;)). I have never wanted anyone more but is this just lust? I talk to him every day and find out more and more about him and the more we chat the more I want him. It really sucks to be human!

    Posted 4 years ago

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    • Here's what I notice:
      1) Just because you've only had one partner doesn't mean that you're necessarily bad in bed. Being with one person for a long time gives you the opportunity to experiment, learn, and grow together. Cheesy, I know, but true.
      2)If your husband had little or no experience prior to you, it's unrealistic to expect that he would be anything other than mediocre at first. That ties back into the idea of you two working together to make it better.
      3) If you have crazy ideas that you want to try, but don't want to try them with your husband, why is he your husband? I can understand that, after 14 years, those butterflies don't always show up when you see him, but hasn't time afforded some level of comfort where you can honestly communicate your wants and needs to him?
      4) I obviously can't tell you what to do but, if it were me, I would talk to my husband about how I feel (leave the other man entirely out of the discussion, keep it to being unsatisfied with the romance, etc. and see how he reacts) and try to fix that relationship before I considered starting a new one.

      Posted 4 years ago

    • I suppose the things I never said about the underlying reasons I don't want to be with my husband. He is quick to anger and yells at me or just yells at the drop of a hat. He's very lazy, only goes to work (does less hrs than me) never looks after the home. I do everything to from cooking and cleaning to running the home and fixing it, painting and decorating. I feel like I'm some landlady or looking after him like a mother. I don't think he could cope on his own. He drinks and does lots of recreational drugs plus legal highs. It's no fun. This other guy is the opposite. I would feel like a partner and not like a carer. I just don't want the occasional sex I get with my husband, which, has to be the 'fetish' he likes or he can't get it up.
      I think all that makes sense?

      Posted 4 years ago

    • I'm of the opinion that at the moment you say "I do" you have agreed to everything that the preacher had just listed moments before including "for better or for worse". I think that before one gets married one needs to be able to look at one's future spouse and be able to say that they can live with the very worst they can imagine from that person.

      That said, it's my opinion that you chose to forsake all others so you're stuck here. Marriages can end and I can't say if yours will or not. Take the high road and make sure that if the marriage ends it isn't for your lack of trying.

      Think about it for a second: which would sound better to a future guy: A) That you were the one that gave a care and tried hard to make it work out or B) That you were the one that dropped the divorce papers on the poor bastard out of nowhere?

      Just my opinion though. -B

      Posted 4 years ago

    • First commenter here again. Your husband sounds like mine used to be, aside from the unspecified fetish and drug use. He drank a lot, wasn't home often to help out with the kids or housework, had a very short temper, and was emotionally distant. After one particularly bad fight (while he was drunk, of course) I kicked him out. I explained to him that he couldn't move back in unless he had been sober for a significant amount of time and had shown some real effort to be more helpful and less selfish. The reality of his actions came crashing down on him and he quit drinking, started coming over right after work to see the kids and me, and has honestly been trying to be the 50/50 partner I've always wanted and needed. We are back together in our home now and things are better than they've ever been. If you feel that you are being taken for granted, speak up! Again, this comes back to being able to honestly communicate with your partner. This other man may seem like the answer but all he's doing is distracting you from the real solution. Talk to your husband, set expectations for his behavior, compromise where needed, and then, if after all that, his head is still up his ass, leave him. Not for the other man but for yourself.

      Posted 4 years ago

    • I'm in a similar situation. He's HOT!

      Posted 4 years ago

    • GO For IT!!!
      Give in and just do it.

      Posted 3 years ago

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