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  • I desperately want to have sex with my sister. I don't know why but for some reason the thought of being intimate with her is so exciting and attractive to me. We have the same parents, and are very similar... I know we would be very compatible sexually. Is something wrong with me?

    Posted 4 years ago

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    • No there is nothing wrong with you at all, It is quite common for a brother or sister to be sexualy curious about their sibling, The fact that you live in close proximity and love each other as all siblings should means that a certain ammount of sexual curiosity is bound to happen, Sometimes the closeness of a particular family member does tend to spill over into actual sexual activity but those are the exception rather than the rule, The best advice i can offer as far as i can tell your sister does not reciprocate your desires so it is best that you keep your feelings to just a fantasy level or you will risk losing an obviously highly thought of and very much loved sister.

      Posted 4 years ago

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