Costly Compromise

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  • Jeering short and to the point, I have always been a one woman man. I shared my first kiss and lost my virginity to my (still current) wife. I love her in multiple ways but I've always also had a bit of a wandering eye.

    Well I did it. I went to a strip club. Just to "get it out of the way". It was interesting at first, I waltz in by myself pick a seat where I can observe dancers without being overly committed. A nice girl sits down next to me and we have a paltry conversation about myself and the environment. When suddenly, a stunning bodacious blonde is on the floor doing her performance. I'm mesmerized by her body. I then ask the escort whom I had been chatting with how much a private dance would be. She's nice and thinks it's cute that it's my first time in a place like this. She tells me it's $20 for a song privately.

    For such a paltry price, how could I resist? I jumped at the opportunity. I shyly walk up to the girl whom just performed and ask if she'd be Willinging to do a private dance. She's kindly agrees and has me follow her back to a curtained off area.

    She's of course incredibly nice; I expected this, she's an entertainer on making guys (or gals) feel like the sexiest thing on the planet. It's her job...and she was fantastic at it.

    So just as the music begins she removes her bra and climbs atop me. It was to my shock when she asked if I wanted to touch her. Say what?! Of course I do! Keep in mind this was my first time and for all I knew this was a "you can look, but can't touch" kind of deal. Boy, was I wrong. I moved my hand towards her shapely bottom and gave it a squeeze while she danced on me. That was the moment. Even though if been married and was no stranger to frequent sex, that I realized what I was doing. The feeling if the warm plush rump in my hand was a sensation I don't think words can describe. There is nothing more pleasurable than feel the soft warm skin of a woman like that. The dance ended, I tipped the girl the rest of my cash for the great time. And truth be told, I may have just made myself an addict.

    Here's the catch though. As I said I am married and of course I've squeezed and groped my wife in those same ways. But the comparison of those two bodies are two different ballparks. I feel a horrible rush of guilt and dread. Because I've squeezed my wife's butt multiple times. In fact it tends to be my favorite play thing. But by confession is, that the soft warm feel of the a strippers booty felt far greater than my wife's. And I can't help but think that now that I have tasted "better fruits" I may have forever ruined sex for myself and also my wife. I truly sincerely hope not. My wife has seen some of my most insecure moments and pushes me to be the better person.

    I write this as a hope and confession. That my grave mistake of curiosity doesn't ruin my marriage and sex life. My deep logic tells me that the stripper will never fall for a guy like me. That is literally her job, but that experience resounds in my memory. But my wife is the one who will stick by me.

    I'm not sure what else to say, I regret my decision. But I also don't. What I do know is this. That my mind will now forever compare my wife's physical short comings against that other woman who I allowed to temporarily have my heart.

    I hope that one day I can just forget it and enjoy my wife for the rest of our marriage. That is truly my hope.

    Posted 3 years ago

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    • The reason you're feeling guilty is because you were never able to experience other women. Is inherent in men, to spread the seed. You allowed the stripper to have your heart? Think you're confusing lust for love. Your wife has stuck by you, the stripper just wants your wallet and maybe a good time. Reality is at the end of the night, you both go your separate ways.

      Posted 3 years ago

    • Just to "get it out of the way. That part is is hysterical. I miss the old school PEnthouse letters type stuff. This BS is not as good, but srsly, I give it a C+. Comparing your wife to a stripper is real classy there buddy. Hope she realizes where all your assets are and has a record of your social security number to track down your income after she files for divorce. I do hope you are aware that the courts are reversing the trend and awarding spousal support to wives who can prove just cause.

      Posted 3 years ago

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