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  • I have been going out with my current girlfriend for about a week now. I really like her and don't want to fuck it up but.. I am cheating on her with my ex. I love my ex but I'm not sure whether or not I have the same feelings for my girlfriend. I've talked to my ex about it and she wants to be with me but seeing as how we are both in relationships currently we would have to keep it a complete secret. I'm so conflicted because I hate cheating in general but I am polyamarous and haven't figured out how to bring it up to my girlfriend which would make it ok on my end at least. (if she is ok with it) I want to make sure that no one will be hurt but I also want to pursue both relationships. They are both real and neither of them would be purely physical no matter what.

    Posted 3 years ago

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    • Unless you people are ALL ok with being in a polygamous relationship. Someone will be hurt.
      You are betraying your girlfriends trust. The fact that you are stringing her into this mess whilst you are still engaged with your ex is a huge problem.
      You don't seem to hate cheating very much, if you really did this probably wouldn't be a problem.
      Perhaps this is stressful but you are at fault. You will not find any easy "Nobody gets hurt" way out of this.

      I've been cheated on before, multiple times. I would know what it feels like.

      Posted 3 years ago

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