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  • So i love 2 guys. My boyfriend and my best friend of almost 5 years. But my best friend has officiall "nsa'd" me :( and really it ripped my heart out when i had realized it. 😢😭😥😰😨😓 so im gonna cry and hope my anxiety and depression doesnt get worse when i stop talking to you. If you could read this i wuld tell you that you would always be my favorite mistake and that i loe you way too much to continue watching you be with other girls. You either love me after all this enough to be with me or you loose me forever as a lover but be yore friend. Im putting my foot down im tired of you hurting me and breaking my heart and moving and the ignoring while you're with them. Im not a throw away toy im a person. A woman. With feeling and emotions. Why cant you love me the way I love you?

    Posted 3 years ago

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    • Uh...pot calling the kettle black! You have a boyfriend and yet you expect him to wait or whatever for you. Maybe he wants a real relationship.

      Posted 2 years ago

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