I'm Sorry

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  • At camp, there was a boy who I found nice and relatable. I got to know him and we had some good conversations. A few days after knowing me, I started to suspect he had a crush on me. Well, I didn't feel the same way about him at all. :(

    Slowly, I stopped hanging out with just him and started hanging out in groups of friends with him instead if that makes any sense. I felt like I was leading him on and I wanted him to know that I wasn't into him without hurting his feelings, I would have brought it up privately with him, the only thing holding me back was that I had heard him refer to women as "b**ches" and other derogatory terms before. I guess I just wanted to stay on his good side.

    I assume he got the hint. I have rarely talked to him since, but the very few times I've seen him, even though he was polite, he still had this hurt/ "why did you turn me down when I liked you?" look in his eyes. I makes me sad to see him that way, and I wish him all the best, but he's not the one for me. :( If I could, I would apologize to him for everything. It would be so uncomfortable though...for both of us...

    The moment I realized he was into me romantically was when he invited me to go on a four hour morning hike with just him. (I know it sounds strange.) Alone with a boy in he mountains? He would've made a move for sure. He just seemed to be that kind of person. And I didn't trust him enough anyway. I hope he goes through what I went through with him one day so he understands the pain of rejecting someone. I already know how he feels...
    Thanks for reading. I just needed to let it out.

    Posted 3 years ago

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    • Lots of people seem to neglect the fact that rejecting someone is a very unpleasant feeling.
      Please don't be too sad. None of this was your fault. :)
      Nobody can control who they love, and if anything had developed from that it probably would have ended worse. ^^' I think you did the right thing! :)
      Please be ok!

      Posted 3 years ago

    • Don't feel bad! Sure, he'll probably be a little embarrassed, but you have to tell him it was all a misunderstanding and hope he at least wants to be very good acquaintances.

      Posted 3 years ago

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