Upset with Friends

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  • it's not such a big deal, but i just had the worst first week of school ever because almost every reason i liked the school was gone this year, so my friends ask me over to play war and have a nice time, take some pictures with my friend's professional camera and go to the beach the next day.
    I wasn't expecting to do something this weekend, so i got a bit excited, the thing is, my friend lived near me but its still far enough to not go walking, and i had no ride to go, even though it was on the same (long) street.

    My friend said he would call his mother to go just a little bit further my friend's house to pick me up, my other friend that was going with him also said they were on their way for picking me up. i packed my stuff and was ready to go, but then he just sends a message saying ''sorry my mom wont go to pick you up''.

    Maybe it wasn't their fault, but i got really upset, i mean it was just a bit further away, im starting to think my company in this group of friends couldnt be less important, i only get invited to do stuff if they plan something in front of me, im really sad now that i have nothing to do this weekend after an awful week AND NOW THIS, now theyll have alot of fun and im going to stay here, just a bit far away but still cant go walking during the night, i'm very sad.

    Posted 2 years ago

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