Upset with Friends

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  • it's not such a big deal, but i just had the worst first week of school ever because almost every reason i liked the school was gone this year, so my friends ask me over to play war and have a nice time, take some pictures with my friend's professional camera and go to the beach the next day.
    I wasn't expecting to do something this weekend, so i got a bit excited, the thing is, my friend lived near me but its still far enough to not go walking, and i had no ride to go, even though it was on the same (long) street.

    My friend said he would call his mother to go just a little bit further my friend's house to pick me up, my other friend that was going with him also said they were on their way for picking me up. i packed my stuff and was ready to go, but then he just sends a message saying ''sorry my mom wont go to pick you up''.

    Maybe it wasn't their fault, but i got really upset, i mean it was just a bit further away, im starting to think my company in this group of friends couldnt be less important, i only get invited to do stuff if they plan something in front of me, im really sad now that i have nothing to do this weekend after an awful week AND NOW THIS, now theyll have alot of fun and im going to stay here, just a bit far away but still cant go walking during the night, i'm very sad.

    Posted 2 years ago

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    • I don't know you, but understand that my heart goes out to you. I'm guessing you're young and that makes things like this so much harder. I'm from a small town and often didn't get to do things with my friends because I lived out in the country and no one's parents were willing to come get me. Even once I got my driver's license, I had to get a job to pay for my own gas which took up a lot of my time. It really hurt seeing the pictures posted on social media after a particularly fun weekend, or listening to the inside jokes and memories that my friends were making without me. I know this is hard to understand now, but I promise it does get better. I made better friends in college. The kind who made plans with me and when something came up like money or time constraints, they would show up at my dorm with pizza and have a night in with me instead.
      I was never popular. Matter of fact, I was picked on, everyone's favorite punching bag (figuratively). Middle school and high school were a miserable time for me, but it got better, and I promise it can get better for you. Just hang in there. Keep your head up. And show them all by doing so much more with your life.

      Posted 2 years ago

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