Unisex Dressing Rooms

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  • Years ago there was a department store that had four adjoining dressing rooms that anyone could use. I was looking for a pair of mens jeans and took a couple into one of the rooms. To my surprise, someone had made a small hole in the wall that separated one of the other rooms. I heard some movement, peeked through the hole, and saw a woman changing in and out of her clothes. She wasn't a looker, so I just finished up and went back out to the rack of jeans. That's when I saw a gorgeous young woman in her late twenties walking to the dressing room, which had been abandoned by the previous customer. I turned around, went back in to my original room.

    I was really turned on by the view of this beauty, switching between various bras. She had perfect breasts, with dark nipples and a beautiful ass. I think that my excitement was enhanced by the fact that I was doing something kinky.

    There were a few other customers who provided similar entertainment. Long story short, I spent quite a bit of time in that store, trying to find the right jeans!

    Posted 2 years ago

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      Posted 2 years ago

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