I want to watch him

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  • I'm a straight guy, but there's this one guy I work with. He's in his early 20s and very good looking. He wears tight jeans and I've seen a bulge that makes me think he's hung like a horse.

    I fantasize about him fucking all the hot women in the office. From the 18 year old interns to the 50+ MILFs. I'd love to watch them worship his giant cock and give him pleasure, then watch him give them the most amazing orgasms of their lives.

    I'm sitting at work now and I'm getting hard thinking about it.

    Posted 2 years ago

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    • You're not straight- watch a gay porn and try not to get a boner

      Posted 2 years ago

    • That realy normal...i am a 46 yo woman and fantasize about all women and men...did it enter your mind to fondle or give him a blow job

      Posted 2 years ago

    • I ahve wanted my wife to do that with her coworker at her office late after work and when everyone else has left the office. I would absolutely love if she was seduced and fucked and turned into a cocksucking whore for the guy at work and let him fuck the living shit out of her

      Posted 1 year ago

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