Lusting for a married coworker

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  • I am middle-aged and married, and a professional in a fairly big company. Recently the bosses hired a new employee with executive potential. She is about 20 years younger than me, and absolutely gorgeous, also intelligent, articulate, and very witty. She is happily married with young children. I emphasize that she is happy with her husband, who turns out to be a very nice guy.
    I am fixated on her. I want to see her incredibly beautiful face, and have made a point of carefully rationing any trips to the vicinity of her office so as not to become any sort of annoyance to her. I guard my tongue and my behavior, but I am still infatuated and fantasizing about her. She doesn't suspect anything and I am quite sure that she doesn't think about me at all, which is - I admit - as it should be.
    But I feel very guilty about this, as indeed I should, and I wish I could erase all these feelings and impulses from my soul.

    Posted 1 year ago

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