making childish selfish spoilt people learn when to stop abuse

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  • I did not want to have to do that. I just had to yell out at someones house, I hear some kids attacking a cat often or a dog and I just could not take listening to it anymore and yelled out i would report and punish them. I was just so angry. I also had to email 2 colleges for ignoring me and not answering customer questions and not giving professional support. I don't like to do that, but these guys are just not being nice so I said I will do it back, the more people abuse me and ignore me and abuse me I will do it back to others. I don't like to have to be this way but I have to make people understand a certain code of rights and when they have pushed their luck too far and gone too far with abuse! I am ready to attack and fight just about anyone, I don't like being like that but I am standing up for my rights strongly because I had gone through so much abuse I have had to be defensive and fight for my needs and say "enough of this abuse bastards"!!!! my parents stand by me and can see I have been neglected and abused. men have not treated me right and how I wanted them to treat me and been too abusive and hurtful and women and doctors who should know better, churches who should know better. how dare you speak to me that way and treat me this way. dam right I will yell at you and have a go at your abuse and neglect of me. you have gone too far with your abuse.

    Posted 1 year ago

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