I am alive and want to live and she ought to rest in peace harry

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  • I feel like ned flanders breaking into a rage - oh your family always have such good intentions but why is it everyone gets fucked and abused and left out and pushed around then harry.

    it seems to me you keep going on and on and on on and on about your mother,

    but what about some cunt getting off their royal asshole to help me? would be too much to ask because stupid george of bumcrush prussia was useless fucking idiot who deserves a good kick in the face.

    seriously you cunts. shut up talking about her and allow the living to live and the dead to rest in peace. all due respects a great lady and all she was but there are living that need help and are sick of her death blocking some of our light and enjoyment of life.

    if you can't love me let someone else love me that does not start with k.

    i hope k finds a super model to fuck so he will forever leave me to find someone I can really love and start living.

    cuz your crap about "your have not said this or that and you regret her death seems to me to be regergitated rubbish you say every few years"

    what about the living!!!! like me who want to party and have a husband and kids

    no i wouldn't want your family to give a cow man. shove it dude with your blonde fucking disease ffor jerkoffs.

    but your not gonna steal my mother and family from me mr harry and queen slut bitch of uk you can fuck off

    you don't regret anything, you killers.

    Posted 1 year ago

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