witchcraft abuse

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  • orlando was making out he had a medical emergency with a boil on his tumy. my guess is he and am and a dr are doing witchcraft on me because I started to get sick like I have a stomach ulcer and I don't trust these guys at all. mr punishment could be part of it. I am nothing like orlando and I don't want to know about depp and their satanic practices. I don't want to know what they do. all I know is its evil they are evil. its got to stop. I don't care about depp at all. I don't care about orlando or allen at all. and I don't trust them. they are evil people. what I want to know is why are they picking on me ? they are not taking my life and my things from me. why do they keep stopping me from having the relationship with a white man that I want? because I know am and depp and that church are up to their asses in satanic practices. she said "oh it works" she is a bitch. they are all bitches at that church. their foul displays at the stage is sickening. the ones at the front are all nutters. I won't have anything to do with that sicko church. they are weird. these foul theatrics on pregnant women is disgusting. tony is disgusting. their occult games are obvious. I won't have a thing to do with them now. I think they are all evil.

    i never liked emma at the mental hospital and I hope she suffered for abusing me when I was sick. she has no right abusing patients and I hope she suffers she is evil woman. she is ugly evil and uncaring and few of those doctors down at that hospital are qualified most are not what they make out they are.

    I know they abuse patients they are evil ...

    Posted 1 year ago

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