I want people pay !

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  • I am learning to be a very vindictive person judging and very very precise and cold and I don't allow my feelings about people to cloud what I think about people even the people I love. I still tell it how I see it.

    I and my mother have both agreed that both of us a deeply bitter and resentful about the way that I have been neglected and abused and isolated and treated as if I am the pedo when I am not a pedo and someone had to look after my sisters son sometimes when she was sick and I never abused him or any child,

    unlike most children I learnt about responsibility very young. I was too responsible and I spent all my teen years blaming myself for the sexual abuse he did to me. blaming myself for everything. and I know it was all there fault now.

    you dam right I'm angry and youll be shocked just how angry my mother is about the way I have been neglected and passed up by men and in jobs. she is very pissed off.

    and if I want to be offended I will. and no one is going to stop me being offended!

    the offending actions or lack of actions were clear from where I am and were given clearly, and I will take offense about whatever I want to and I will and always have from a young age.

    I make notes of all offending things certain people did to me who should have known better.

    i have a right to be offended, constitutally or not biblicaly or not and I will be offended, I have been offended for the last 40 years as a matter of fact!

    and I want to revenge people, being kind and nice has never helped me.

    Posted 1 year ago

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