they stole my courses so I went to courts and private detectives

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  • identity fraud is scary I have been through it a few times, people steal creative works, drawings and stories, art work, music, plans and goals and plottings of working on getting a scheme running. personal information and property being compromised. police here are mostly useless, like the govt fair trade groups etc but fraud is still fraud, its stealing and identity theft is criminal and these people are only making it look more and more like my story is so believable. and it also proves the theory of the hate laws in the usa are worldwide, not just about religion but a lot of things.

    I hope these mongrel criminals who have stolen my course material and these appauling illegal cowboy colleges get what is coming to them. nothing justifies this abuse! nothing!!!

    I will be sitting and waiting and plotting a revenge they can bet on that alright. like I do to heaps of people.

    Posted 1 year ago

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