when you hate a child who is out of control - I think she wants to put me in the nuthouse

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  • I hate that child that jumps on that trampoline, I actually hate that child and hope it gets bashed up good, she is a complete little fucking mongrel who needs to be controlled that brat is out of control.

    we have noticed things stolen from the house and she constantly calls people when anyone comes to the house. I just hate the child.

    a bag of ebay items of 2nd hand ball gowns went missing back a number of years ago I bought and also curtains and these kids used to walk around the house in them

    these children are evil demonic spirits they are mongrel children abusing my family and I want them stopped.

    I just hate them. ok I hate the whole family and want them gone from here. or we leave to somewhere better

    the little mongrel has been stalking me and abusing me and I want her controlled.

    Posted 1 year ago

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