intimacy in the family, her crush on me

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  • when i was 12, my mother was 28, she was 15,
    almost 16 when she had me, today i'm 29.
    for age 28 at the time, my mother was slim,
    sexy and she had loved showing off her body at
    that time.
    i'd gotten throbbing hard at the time when she'd
    worn her spandex short shorts and sports bras.
    when i'd turned 7, she'd had a crush on me.
    she'd even started to go around the house in her
    panties and bras.
    even for age 7, i'd suddenly get hard, she'd flirted
    with me, when she'd stroked my butt, her tits had
    gotten hard in her bras.
    when i'd taken baths after i'd turned 7, my
    mother had stripped to her panties and bras
    and had hung out with me, i'd noticed when her
    tummy had gone from 4 inches flat to a double
    roll between her panties and bras, i'd gotten hard
    and she'd given me hand jobs.
    when she'd taken baths after i'd turned 7, she'd
    had me wear my tight little underpants whenever
    she'd been in the tub.
    some weeks after my mother had turned 28,
    at the time i was 12, she'd announced she'd been
    pregnant, she'd had on her spandex short shorts
    and sports bra, her tummy had still looked all
    sexy and flat that day, after i'd felt her tummy
    i'd gone to my room, stripped to my underpants
    and had started rubbing myself until i'd cummed
    in my underpants.
    weeks later, when my mother's pregnancy had
    first started showing, i'd gotten home from a
    friend's house in my short shorts and tank top,
    then my mother had gotten home from her
    doctor's appointment, she'd had on a loose
    fitting blouse and matching skirt, when i'd asked
    how her appointment had gone, she'd pulled up
    her blouse and out came her melon size tummy
    under the front of her skirt, the 3 inches of bare
    tummy between the front of her skirt and bra.
    when i'd taken off my tank top, she'd pulled off
    her blouse, out came the rest of her bra and
    were her tits hard under her bra.
    then when i'd taken off my short shorts and out
    had come my speedo, she'd taken off her skirt
    and out came the front of her big panties,
    stretched over her melon size tummy just the
    way her skirt had done just before she'd taken
    it off.
    i'd caressed my mother's tummy when she'd
    caressed me between my legs when i was still
    in my speedo.
    then my mother and me had both gotten nude
    and at her request, we'd both had sex with
    each other.
    weeks later, her tummy had gotten all big and

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    • Damn, Oedipus. Is she doing the same with your younger sibling as well?

      Posted 1 year ago

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