I hate all my friends

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  • My friend situation is kinda shitty this year.... since year 7 me and my girlfriend have been on and off (I'm a girl and in year 11, Australian so high school is 7-12) and I've dated guys while i was secretly seeing her and had things with other girls and I should have just dropped her as soon as she became emotionally and physically abusive but hey.. I'm stupid as fuckkkk. So anyways I dated this guy from year 9-10 for a couple months and we broke up and then me and my girlfriend we're growing further apart and she didn't fucking tell me but she started dating him (my ex bf) and anyways shit went down at her Halloween party and we had a kinda threesome but afterwards idk it was almost like we all wanted some sort of polyamorus relationship but then she goes FUCKING PSYCHO BITCH ON US AND HATES us some days and loves us other days and now she hates me because they had problems and don't want to see each so I asked if I could see them separalty and she's mad. Oh also this other chick who I've beeen friends with since year 8 is a FUCKING crybaby spoilt brat that has no soul or filter and is so mean and rude to me all the time but I'm still fucking friends with her. And then alll my other friends are either so gross and cringe I don't want to speak to them or ATTENTION SEEKING drama queens who I don't wanna be associated with because I don't wanna deal with their "problems" (ie IM SO DEPRESSED MY MUMMY WONT LET ME GET A HORSE ITS NOT LIKE WE LIVE ON 1/8 TH OF AN ACRE OR ANYTHING)

    And now it's the Christmas holidays and I have 2 months off and nothing to do. (Except a fuck tonne of HOMEWORK BECAUSE SCHOOL DOESNT START ON FEBURARY 1. NO IT STARTS AT THE END OF NOVEMBER)

    I'll never rest until I'm retired, will i?

    I have no idea what to do with my life...

    See yas

    Posted 1 year ago

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