Couldn't do Mom's makeup

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  • My mother asked me to do her makeup for a work Christmas do, because I regularly do makeup for my (younger) friends and have a reputation for being good at it. The trouble is ... her eyes are very wrinkly and she has hooded droopy eyelids, so it was rather difficult because she wanted heavy/dark makeup that is suited, shall we say, for the younger face. Plus she was a NIGHTMARE during the process - always squirming and blinking and complaining that I was touching her (duh, what do you want me to do, telekinetically levitate the product onto your face!!!???). In the end it was the worst makeup I've ever done but my saving grace was that she's pretty blind and has to wear glasses, but is leaving them off for the party. I just hope that when she comes home and looks in the mirror with gasses on, I can convince her that that's not what it looked like when she left.

    Posted 1 year ago

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    • Sorry, but this one was pretty funny. :)

      Posted 1 year ago

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