Caught in katies underwear

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  • One time I was all alone after fighting with my girlfriend Katie and I got drunk as hell and for some reason decided to put on her bra and panties . and it got me so horny that I went up into my neighbors apartment wearing nothing but katies panties . I saw the girl leave and checked the door and it was open . as I went in her bedroom I saw myself in the mirror in those tight little girlie underwear and almost came at the thought of being caught . so I went in kims panty drawer and saw a life like rubber dildo and some lingerie . it was a white and red pleather nurse outfit . g string so tight my dick was bulging out . I squirted lotion on the dildo and stick it in my ass though I'm not gay or have I ever had anything crammed in there. Iran back in my apartment just as kim and Amber walked in the building . still horny I put more of katies panties on and opened the back door to feel the wind . I leaned upside down against the wall and kicked my hand and started jerking off . my eyes closed icstarted to moan and I was about to cum I hear katies voice day oh my God ! I'm shock I open my eyes to see Katie and her friends laughing at me right as I squirt a hot load in my mouth ! She said well if I wasn't gonna leave you before I am now . I was froze in her tiny panties and cum all over my face . and I got up her friends laughing at me as my dick shrank to about an inch . I couldn't believe they saw me like that . since I would never be thought of that way . Katie just laughed and said Brandon why ? Have you always been turned on wearing my panties ? And she through my wallet outside I went to grab it and they locked me out in front of all the drunk party girls . they all start taking pictures as I try to get back in all the girls grab me and drag me in the front yard . tie my hand over my head and put my hair in pig tails and smear lipstick on me . Katie comes out and throws the panties I had stole outside at me . then two gay guys from the party come out . the pull the panties down and one starts sucking my dick . my little penis for large even tho I didn't want it to . and I came . and broke free and ran in the house . I passed out eventually . woke up in katies panties and realized it was real . it was all over Facebook

    Posted 11 months ago

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