I'm Afraid

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  • I'm always sad and I can never figure out why. I love people with all of my heart, but I'm always alone. I just want a friend. My God, I just want a friend. I can't sleep because of the dreams. I can't talk to anyone and I am so alone. Too afraid to live and too terrified to die. I feel so empty and lost and I just want someone to talk to who'll listen and stay with me. I'm tired of scaring people away from me. I'm trying not to become a monster but anymore, I feel like I'm farther and farther away from myself. I'm trying to get help, but I scare her too. The medications aren't working and I'm becoming numb. What happens if I lose myself completely?

    Posted 10 months ago

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    • I want to be your friend. I know how it feels to be sad, lonely and not know why. Im surrounded by people, full time job, moving into our first house with my lovely boyfriend, got the funniest best friend alive yet I still feel alone, I completely understand how you feel pal x

      Posted 10 months ago

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