i am in a polyamorous relationship

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  • and sometimes i want to break up with the girlfriend i have had for a year to be with the person i love more. i love them both, but sometimes i feel better about myself when i'm with my second girlfriend. we all agreed on this sort of relationship, but i don't always feel the love from my long-term girlfriend. i loved her for a year before we started our relationship and it's been a year now. i love her very much, but she often puts me down for needing her so much while my other girlfriend doesn't do that at all. i'm not sure what to do or how to explain myself and i'm scared.

    Posted 9 months ago

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    • I would agree to a polyamorous relationship just so I don't completely loose him. My heart breaks he is back with wife. She and I r so alike!!!

      Posted 9 months ago

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