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  • I'm going to break up with my boyfriend. I don't know when but I know it's coming because I can not see a future with him the way he does with me. I just turned 18 and he will turn 18 in a month. His parents had him at 19 and he was to marry young and have kids young, I don't. He's a raging republican while I'm a moderate democrat so our political and worldly discussions are few and far between as well as composed of him just shouting over me that I'm wrong. He's catholic while I remain unsure of my faith. The biggest offenders are the little things like how, for my birthday, he said he'd take me out to this Italian restaurant that is really good but pretty cheap. We went out at 7:30 on a Friday and without even driving by the place (which was 5 minutes from his house) to see if there was a crazy long wait, we went to Culvers. Sorry but Culvers doesn't scream "special date night" to me. I love him it's just, I know I'm outgrowing him and that we're not right together long-term. But the thought of breaking up with him kills me because I know it will hurt him.

    Posted 9 months ago

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