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  • Extremely confusing day, in a way... F., exercises... I need to do it all regularly, gonna make a schedule... yeah. One thing for sure now, I must eat healthy again. This simple meal actually made me feel sleepy just right now, 11pm... and i have a good chance of getting up earlier. Yeah... library, A., home... got this journaling tool, gonna buy all the ingredients... gonna try Jamie Oliver's recipes... I must sort out all this stuff in my backpack tomorrow, no excuses. Sorting out stuff in the laptop..
    I guess thats why I was so extremely messed-up... food, aromatherapy, all the practices are just the key. Feels like... the blockages are being removed for good. I am so grateful <3 Feeling awesome, gonna sleep now!

    I am not human. Again, once again... I am a Pleiadian who lives a human experience. I am not a human obviously, I'm just a tourist. I've seen the place, where I came from and where I will return. I had a shared experience that explained it all. On Feb 20, 2016.

    I feel that the seed is about to grow... Grey sky, brown soil, tiny bits of moss or green grass that is about to grow. Spring is coming.

    I guess it's a big time call again, I have to be outside in so many ways... Spring is coming! The only thing I have to sort out is my schedule. If I get it in shape after all... then no more worries. So much to release from the system still, but the process is going on. L., S., F... integration of energies, everything goes alright. Everything is right, and I'm very grateful. I guess everything about started exactly after my birthday. I'm blessed and I'm grateful. And so it is.

    In many ways I feel like all the evil that is within me is inherited. The granny... let's put it in this way, is responsible. Maybe genetically... the main thing for me is to be aware. And just see it from another perspective. I wonder, if I commit myself to this practice, how my life could look like...

    Posted 8 months ago

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