I Think I'm Falling For My Coach

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  • I'm a boxer and one of the coaches that I work with quite often is very handsome(wavy dark hair, tan skin, and dark eyes), funny, unmarried, sweet, and also 20 years older than I am. When I work with him, it's different than with the other coaches. Often he'll just touch my back when we're walking or just little affectionate things. I had to change one time for a business meeting, and when he thought I wasn't looking I caught him watching me after I had changed into "fancy clothes". Not in a creepy way, he is not that kind of guy. I sense a deep mutual attraction between us, and throughout the months I've fallen for him. We work together in a very relaxed but competitive atmosphere as we are both boxers. He'll always smile at me when he walks in, and make me laugh. He's strong and passionate about what he cares about and protective. He's exactly the guy I have always seen myself marrying in every way. But he's 20 years older. Even though there is this deep attraction between us, we just continue to work together and say nothing. Thoughts?

    Posted 7 months ago

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