My horny grandpa

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  • As i was thinking about my grandpa and all the little girls that he gave such great sexual pleasures to in the 1950's i remember a girl that came to seek sexual attention from him. she was a grade behind me in the 4th grade named penny. what a cutie she was. when i saw her headed to my grandpa's cabin i went thru the bushes to watch thru the window again. penny was just 9yrs old but big for her age and looking back, a very sexy girl that just thinking about her today gives me a huge erection. penny showed up wearing a pretty yellow summer dress with a flower print. penny's mother must have dressed her up to wear for grandpa as she had little earrings on and pink lipstick. as usual, grandpa was ready for her naked with only his boxer shorts on. penny wasted no time getting up on grandpa's lap. penny knew what she needed and grandpa was ready to quench her sexual thirst. as grandpa held her in his arms he began to kiss her lips and slowly began slipping her dress up over her hips revealing the sexy lacy satin panties her mother got for her to wear for grandpa. as they kissed grandpa gently rubbed her belly and then he began sucking on her earlobe as grandpa slipped his hand inside her panties. within moments grandpa slipped pennys panties down over her thighs and began to stroke her bald hairless eager vagina. it took about 20min. for grandpa to bring the 9yo girl to the edge of an orgasm. just as her body began shaking violently her eyes rolled back in her head, screams of pleasure escaped her lips as grandpa stroked her vagina to perfection. her body went into spasms as her orgasm took control of her body. grandpa made her cum so hard she peed on his fingers. i was suprised when pennys mother popped in at grandpa's wearing a short skirt and a low cut blouse that showed her large tits near her nipples. penny was still on grandpa's lap with her panties still pulled down when her mother asked if grandpa had a cold beer so grandpa pulled pennys panties up and got a beer for her mother. then she thanked grandpa for making her daughter so happy even when she saw grandpa still had a hard erection. what do you think about grandpa being a lover of little girls? send me a text at 509 846 4718

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