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  • Reading confessions about the grandpa and little girls in the 1950's are the same much today too. if a little girl has sex on her mind and wants the attention of a man they can do it, i know! one that comes to mind is a 9yo girl from next door that was being taught exotic dancing by her mother and she came over to my place to dance for me. at first i thought it was cute watching her dance but she started getting more daring as she danced for me. i didn't think a 9yo girl could be sexy but she proved me wrong. when she began gyrating her hips she slowly began raising her dress up. with a smile on her face and her eyes locked into mine, her dress kept going higher until her panties were exposed for me. i confess, she had my attention but i never showed her that but she put the pressure on for my undivided attention by slowly sliding her panties down. i have to admit within a couple minutes watching her dance and her panties down too, it felt like my cock was going to explode. when she turned her back to me and bent down to touch her toes i was looking at the sweetest bald pussy i could ever hoped to see in any dream. by the time she finished my shorts were soaked with cum. before she left she gave me her panties for a gift.

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    • You sick fuck. Go kill yourself, immediately. Please. Do the world a fucking favour.

      Posted 6 months ago

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