I am a cuckold and love it

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  • The first time I caught my wife cheating on me was just a few years into our 20 year marriage. My wife had started taking country western dance lessons at a local community center. After a couple of months of lessons she was loving it. One day at her work some of the women she worked with wanted to go out for drinks and asked her to go along. She called me all excited because they were going to a local country western club and she would finally be able to put her new dancing skills to the test. When she got home she was all happy and smiley. She said she had really enjoyed herself and danced with several different men. According to her most of them were great dancers.
    It wasn't long before she wanted to go once a week with the girls. Then soon it was two to three days a week and every Sunday daytime. After a few months of this she started asking me if I was still ok with it. I told her as long as she was behaving herself it was fine.
    I of course suspected something might be going on, but I let it go. This went on for a couple of years before being an unwitting cuckold was thrown in my face.
    One Sunday while my wife was getting ready for her Sunday dance day, I had to go out to my car for something. When I looked in the window of my car there was a piece of paper on the driver's seat. When I looked at it, it was a note with a phone number and it said to call it. It was about my wife. It went on to say that he had been sleeping with her for the last two years.
    I went back into the house, but said nothing to my wife. When she left she kissed me and told me she would see me later. I immediately called the number. The guy at the other end told me he wanted to meet with me to talk about my wife. Again he told me he had been sleeping with her for two years. I asked him how I didn't know he was just some fool screwing with me. He then went on to describe a birthmark on her right ass cheek that you only have known about if you had seen her naked.
    I told him to come by the house and we'd talk. I started to give him directions, but he stopped me and told me he knew where we lived.
    When he got there I was surprised at how much older than my wife he was. She was 38 at the time and he was a full twenty years her senior. He was tall and slim. Just what my wife likes.
    As we talked about the whole mess, I asked him how it started. He told me they had danced a few times and she started hitting on him. He told me at first he refused her advances because he knew she was married. He told me she was extremely tenacious and after all she was beautiful, so eventually it started one night in the club parking lot.
    She asked him to walk her to her car because it was late and the parking lot was poorly lit. He agreed. When they got to her car, she started kissing him and asked him to get in the back seat with her. He did and they had sex for the first time.
    There was something about that story that I found very arousing. I felt myself getting hard. The idea of my gorgeous wife being so forward and slutty enough to fuck another guy in the parking lot, was exciting. Of course I didn't tell him that. I did however ask him why he decided to tell me about it. I told him you could have kept sleeping with her and I wouldn't be any the wiser. That's when I knew I was married to a true slut. He told me as we speak she was with another guy and he didn't share his women with anyone. I almost came in my pants.
    He left and I wrestled with rather or not I should call my wife. I actually thought maybe I should let her enjoy time with her new lover.
    I did call her and told her that Jake had just left the house and we had an interesting talk. I could tell she was shook by it. She came home right away.
    We had the obligatory fight about being unfaithful. Of course she started to blame me for it and threw a lot of fake outrage at me. I almost started laughing. It was so predictable.
    While she was doing the fake outrage, I asked her how she could have sex with another man in that back seat of the new car I had bought her just 6 months prior. Not to mention in parking lot like a slut. I mean anyone could have walked by and seen you.
    Her response let me know right there and then if I stayed married to her I was destined to be a cuckold.
    She said it was easy. She asked him to get in the back seat. He got in I told him to pull his pants off. He had huge erection so I lifted my dress, pulled my panties off and sat on his cock. Then I asked what about somebody seeing you. She said she had been so horny for him, it wouldn't have mattered if someone did see them.
    I wasn't wrong. She started that affair just two years into our marriage and she hasn't stopped cheating since.

    Posted 6 months ago

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