I was sprayed by a skunk, and liked it.

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  • I'd always been interested in skunks and their defense mechanism, but I'd never smelled a skunk before. When I was a kid, I was out in the woods and then I stumbled on a skunk. Instead of running away, I was curious as to what it was like to be sprayed, and so I decided to try it. I waited for it to spray me and when it did, The smell was heavy and overpowering...but also good, in a weird way. It was so exciting to me for some reason, knowing that I was now marked with an odor that would last for weeks. I never tried to wash the spray off. I stank like a skunk for a month because of it, and also got plenty of skunk-related nicknames at school, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Posted 6 months ago

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