Sex-ed in grade school

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  • I find it fascinating that in large city school districts they teach explicit sex-ed as early as 8yo girls and boys. i'm not against it but fascinated how much 8yo girls know about sex. i found that out a few years ago. you read my stories about my grandpa and the little girls in the 1950's and the girls are bolder today. i too, relax in just my shorts enjoying beer and watching sports on tv. a 9yo girl next door visited me several times a day because i had ice cream and pop in the hot summer in my fridge. soon she wanted to talk just about sex. she even used the term pussy and cock. one day she used my bathroom and found my condoms in a drawer and showed me it. when i told her she didn't know what they were used for she told me men put them on before they put their penis in a girls pussy. she said her teacher showed them how to put them on using a banana. i got a banana for her to show me and she didn't hesitate and ripped the package open and rolled the condom over the banana like a pro with a devilish smile. she even knew women liked orgasms and wanted to have one. she wanted me to help her have one but i decided not to. Before she left she teased me by pulling her panties down to see her pussy. i confess she made me get an erection and now i know why my grandpa enjoyed giving sexual pleasures to the little girls that wanted it. what would you do? text me at 509 846 4718

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