Erotic wake up

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  • like my grandpa, i confess i did have an experience once with one of the young girls where i live. she was a 11yo girl that had told me about her sex-ed classes she has in school including about orgasms and masterbation. one warm afternoon after a few beers i decided to lay down on my bed for a nap in my shorts. i thought i was having an erotic dream until i opened my eyes and saw the 11yo girl slowly stroking my cock. i was going to say something but decided to play like i was still asleep. i watched her with my eyes squinted as she slowly pumped my cock up and down. she got my cock so hard the veins were visible and my balls were filling up with sperm fast. i opened my eyes wide and she seen it but i was past the point of stopping her so i just smiled at her. then she wrapped all her fists from both hands around my cock and began pumping my cock faster. i tried to hang on as long as i could to enjoy it but she had all the control of it. she made cum so hard i could feel my cock swell up as my nuts released the sperm and shot a steady stream a good 3 feet in the air. she sure learned a lot in sex-ed classes. it was a warm day anyway but by the time that 11yo girl finished i was sweating like a stuck pig. she wants me to help her experience what an orgasm feels like for her but i told her i needed to think about it. what would you guys do? let me know by text at 509 846 4718 (: (:

    Posted 6 months ago

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