Consentual incest

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  • I find it very dishonest when all variations of sexual preferances are legally accepted except consentual incest. why? because it was a political decision enacted nearly 200yrs ago to break up the breeding within the families in hope they would disperse and move west to settle the new land. thats a fact! what does the bible say about incest relations? nothing at all ecept only one verse that says,"it is not wise to see thy mother unclothed". the reason that was even mentioned was that if a mother and son engaged in a sexual conpanionship it could create a situation that would blur the line of who is over the other with authority. not a sin, just a wise suggestion. everything else except traditional marriages is condemned. if a mother and son began a sexual relationship all he needs to honor is that his mother remain the last word as head of family unless she asks your input to help her. the same goes for fathers and daughters if they shall choose. hey boys! always respect your mother but don't forget also that she is a woman with intimate needs too. any questions and tips how to approach her text me at 509 846 4718 wishing you success.

    Posted 6 months ago

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    • Give the guy above you some advice he could use it

      Posted 6 months ago

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