What women needs

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  • i'm a very pro-woman guy and over the many years actually listening to what makes them feel loved and appreciated but far to many men just use them as a replacement for their mother and forget about being their best friend and companion. far to many guys get the sex and dinner then go out with the boys as she sits alone. women trust me to talk to me about secret needs because i have an open mind and believe what makes a woman happy is a good thing. thats why 5 women i know ages from late 30's to 40's took my hint and told them the perfect loving companion that will be there always, protect them and also take care of their physicl needs anytime needed. they all took my suggestion and got themselves a black labrador male dog that hasn't been fixed and today they are happy with my hint. thex told me their dog is always there for them taking a walk, sharing dinner, watching tv and sharing her bed at night with him. some of the secrets the gals told me is they were suprised how big around and up to 9in. long their labradors penis was. they all say they always have at least one orgasm but as many as three. they love the feel of warm fur between their thighs and not only the lab releases 5 times as much sperm than a man but the sperm is hotter and because her labradors penis has a pointed tip it seeks out the woman's small opening in her cervix and thats when the dog gives a strong thrust with his hips and slips thru her cervix and into her womb to begin spraying her womb with his hot sperm giving the feeling of her whole belly of warmth. they love the feeling especially on cold nights. one of the ladies said as her and her dog is having sex he always licks her breasts which intensifies her orgasms. any questions ladies? text me at 509 846 4718 (:

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