Why are you so... and can I find you again?

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  • I was originally suppose to be in seat F1 reading my book on the way to do a field research class in Belize but the gentleman in seat E1 asked that I swap with his wife. Switching to seat A1 made no difference until this brute of a man shuffled onto the plane and sat beside me.
    The scent of alcohol from his pores whiffed past me and I didn't hate it, there was something about him. A head full of thick brunette curls pulled back in a 1980s scrunchie, relaxed button shirt and jeans accompanied by high dollar leather shoes which he unlaced and slipped off. Ordering a vodka soda, he then turns and introduces himself as Jerred. Typically I'm a hard ass but instead he somehow convinced me to lighten up by just being relaxed. We talked and joked, had a couple drinks, watched golf, ate our first class salmon lunch and laughed until we reach Belize City. Walking together we exited the plane, bantering back and forth through customs where he hugged me and we parted ways.
    I realize I'll never see this man again but for some reason I can't stop thinking about him. Everything within me says I should have found a way to connect with him. Weeks later I still recall his name so I google his name, finding nothing. I'm sure I've thought him up to be more than humanly possible but it hasn't stopped me from wanting to run into him again.

    Posted 6 months ago

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