I love someone I've never met

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  • I am a 25 year old woman, I'm attractive I have a good personality I'm confident.. and yet I've always had trouble with love getting left and cheated on. And a year and a half ago I started talking to someone online through instagram. I tried to meet him so many times with a different excuse each time, I know it sounds crazy and I've always laughed at the tv show catfish but I understand now. I've come to deeply care about this person and his family which I've spoken to, the conversations and the trust i have with this person are amazing. He takes care of me like no one has buying me gifts paying for my food and uber phone bill whatever I need at that moment without asking. He's always there for me in many ways that no one else ever has been. And I want so much to be with him and at the same time he won't meet me won't FaceTime me nothing... I tried to let go so many times but I keep going back because I always miss him.. it's so sad and confusing. I tried to move on to other people and it's like I just can't. At this point I'm really depressed over this because I thought this one person was my light in all the darkness and sadness I've had, but sadly it's just another disappointment. One more to add to my list.

    Posted 6 months ago

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