A part of me just doesnt want to work or continue school. Just wants to be left alone.

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  • I've been feeling this way for a while now but I cant help but shake this. What kind of horrible life has this society created for us where every human being has to justify their existence by doing some menial, useless task for money. It's not that I dont want to better myself, It's just that I dont see why I should bury myself in debt and make myself miserable by working a job I hate, just to justify surviving. All I want to do, is to sit here in my room, comfortable, and be left alone. I want to enjoy the media I like, play video games, and talk to people online. Read, maybe write a little. And watch things. I dont want to have to get up and go do a job just so I can exist. I don't think it's right. Pretty soon, millions of people who have no skills arent going to be able to get a job because all of those jobs are going to be automated. What then? Do they all just die? It's not fair. I don't think that we should work because we have to if we dont really have to. I think we should work if we want to.

    Posted 6 months ago

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