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  • I've been remembering watching my grandpa in the 1950's giving so much sexual pleasures to all the little girls in town and now i enjoy thinking and fantasizing about it. last night i fantasized about the 10yo girl down the driveway from me. i fantasized about her visiting me while i wear only boxer shorts and drinking cold brew. she wore a black dress slit all the way up to her panties. her thighs inviting to my sexual desires for the young girl. when she sat down across from me her slitted dress layed on one side exposing her open thighs and panties for my lusty eyes. a smile on her face told me of her approval of my lust for her young body. my cock began throbbing and jerking as i took in her tight lacy pink panties. her young sex obvious as her 10yo pussy mound pushed out the front of her panties. pre cum began oozing from my 7inch cock in preparation of sliding into her vagina. then she motioned towards my bedroom and we stood up and i swept her into my arms and took the 10yo girl to my awaiting bed. the room filled with scented candle lite and a black lite above our bed. i slipped her dress off exposing her eraser size nipples. i sucked a nipple between my lips and gently sucked it until it began swelling up larger. i got on my knees in front of her and slowly removed her pink panties and laid her on our love bed. i removed my boxer shorts and as she opened her legs wide i applied a coating of k-y lubricant on my cockshaft. i got between her legs and positioned my cock head at her pussy slit. pre cum dripping from my cock as i began entering into the little girls sex hungry vagina. as i slowly slipped into her incredibly tight vaginal canal. her 10yo vagina muscles gripping my cock and pulling my raging cock deeper into her uterus. my cock head swelled her belly as i got deeper until my cock reached her belly button. it took about 15 min. when we orgasmed together. her cunt muscles viberating on my rigid cock as i kept pumping sperm into her young womb. her body consumed in orgasmic spasms. as it subsided i held her tight in my arms as my cock slowly softened inside her pussy. her cunt muscles clamped down hard on my spent cock trying to keep my cock in her pussy. yes, now i know why my grandpa loved little girl sex. want to share your fantasy? text me at 509 846 4718 girls welcome too. incest welcome too

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