Fantasy for naughty grandpa's

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  • Grandpa jim was 64yrs old but a solid stout 6'3 and 235lbs man with a broad chest matted with hair. a true stud he is. one weekend his 12yo granddaughter came to spend the weekend with him. alana loved her grandpa very much. she was strikingly beautiful but grandpa was nieve about her 12yo hormones were raging out of control desperate in need of sex. they watched tv and grandpa drank beer while he let alana sip on a glass of sweet red wine. alana got up to go to the bathroom and when she came back she was in just her red and black lacy panties. grandpa's eyes opened wide stunned by the beauty of the 12yo girl. curvy hips, full creamy white soft thighs and breasts beginning to emerge golfball size. her cunt mound pushing at the front of her panties as if wanting to explode into view for her beloved grandfather. the sexual passions emerged in response to his precious grandaughters needs. grandpa slipped his robe off as his 12yo granddaughter took her panties off for the grandpa she adored so much. blood rushed into the grandfathers cock engorging it to ready it for alana's young flowering vagina and sweet nector. alana knew her grandpa was ready and took his hand and led him to the bedroom to consumate their deep incestous love for each other. alana wasted no time laying on the bed with open thighs reading for her grandpa's raging cock. alana's face showed relief as her beloved grandfathers body slipped between her legs. intense showed on her face as her grandpa's cock slowly disappeared in her belly. warmth enveloped her body as her grandpa delivered his seed into alana's pure fertile womb. note: i hope theres a naughty grandpa out there like me that enjoyed this fantasy. let me know by text 509 846 4718

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