Kevin Shunemann :)

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  • I'm really not sure what category this belongs to because it's NOTHING sexual like MAJORITY of the confessions in boards like this. This is just like an innocent confession. From an admirer to her crush.. I've only remembered it now after almost four years. So I logged in into my 'anon' account (how do I call an account that I made to spazz over my favorite celebrities so as not to disturb and annoy relatives and friends on real account?) and saw on my notifs the questions I asked to my 2nd year college crush (I was 4th year college and graduating at the time) that goes like a confession of how he started inspiring me ever since I saw him on our University's stolen pictures facebook page (yes, he's good looking and I'm just one of the many girls who admires his looks) yes, I know it sounds shallow of me to like someone just because they're good looking but there's some shyness about this guy that makes him seem like he's really unaware of how good looking he is and like he's not some boastful, arrogant wink-i-know-i'm-good-looking guy like most handsome guys I know are. So it's been four years since I last saw him on facebook (I've changed account, I couldn't open my old account anymore, dunno why) and he isn't my friend on my new one anymore. So I kind of visited his profile and it wasn't really on private because I could see his latest posts. He's really, like reallyyy skinny before but I found out how he doesn't look skinny anymore now. He's even more handsome than before and he looks like a LEGIT swoon-worthy guy now. I knooow it's stalkerish and creepy of me to do this but I just feel happy that he looks well and I don't know what it is but I feel elated when I remembered that he was once a source of inspiration for me. He doesn't look like he has a girlfriend now either but I'm 3 years his senior and I very much doubt my chance (although in those questions I asked him back in 2014, he answered how sweet I was and that he's wondering what my name was but I replied that I'm a shy type and it isn't important for him to know my name. I know. Cringe. Lol) Okay so I'm gonna name-drop. Readyyyyy, yes. Kevin Shunemann!! KEVIN SHUNEMANN (The 'u' has two dots on top of it like it's a smiley but I don't know how to make it appear here). Like before, I'm still wishing you the best on your future endeavors and that until now, I'm still waiting for the big achievements I know you will surely achieve. :) God bless! And like how you answered me before, 'Ingaaaaats!' :)))

    Posted 5 months ago

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