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  • With nothing on tv to watch i decided why don't this horny old man just have a great sexual fantasy so i closed my eyes and fantasized about a hot 10yo girl in the trailer park. i imagined her knock on my door and went to let her in my mobile home. i was just in my boxer shorts. she was a beautiful little girl with a full head of black hair and sensual pouty lips. she wore a flaired short levi skirt accented by a pair of legs that went all the way to heaven with black sheer see thru nylons. she asked if i wanted to see her new panties and i said i want to. when i lifted her skirt up she was wearing the sexiest panties i ever saw on young girls. they were designer white satin panties with red lacy borders comforting the precious pussy of the 10yo girl. my cock began swelling up and my nuts began hardening as they built up a massive load of hot sperm for the 10yo sexpot. when she asked me to go to my bedroom with her i couldn't refuse her needs or deny my need to give her all the sexual pleasures she wanted. i laid her on my bed and pulled her panties off and slipped between her open legs. my cock was so hard and full of blood my cockhead was purple and my nuts ached for sperm release. i coated my cock with k-y jell and slowly began my sexual exploration deep into the 10yo girls vagina to deposit my seed into her fertile young womb. she thrashed on the bed as her orgasm neared then a scream escaped her throat as her body became overtaken by orgasmic spasms. as her vagina muscles took my cock prisoner my nuts released a flood of hot seed deep into her womb. my fantasy ended there because my shorts were soaked with sperm. any naughty old men out there that fantasize too? text me 509 846 4718

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