Shitty Boyfriend

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  • I once had one of the worst boyfriends I've ever had. It was 1st year of highschool, year 7. We were both 13, gay ass furries, and we both liked each other. He was gay and he was 150% of the gay stereotype. I think he had about 3 male friends including me. Then about 14 female friends. When we first started dating we were all over each other. Kissing and cuddling in public. Spending as much time as possible with one another. That lasted about a week. Then it felt like I never existed to him. I'd sit with him.. and his 14 female friends. And he wouldn't say a word to me. For some reason I kept letting him do this for the good part of a year without saying anything. And the affection stopped to. Since we were pretty much the only gay couple in the school, the only time I got to kiss him at that point was when people came up to us and said "can you two kiss?". On Wednesdays we get to go home an hour early. My mum works as a teacher (not at my school) so on a regular day she'd be home at the same time as me. Me and my boyfriend had talked about getting sexual a lot and I suggested that he walk home with me and stay an hour at my house after school on Wednesday. He agreed. The first visit we just made out a lot. There was some touching but we didn't take our clothes off. The second visit we didn't really take our clothes off but I gave him a handjob. The third visit I asked him "can I suck your dick?". He thought about it for maybe 5 seconds or so before saying I could. And I did. Wednesday next week he broke up with me. Saying that I forced him to let me suck his dick and that I was sick, a rapist....

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