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  • I was fascinated with the 9th grade girl who sends nude pics to older men and pretend they are her daddy. my experience in life with young girls wants is they begin having strong sexual interests with older men around 10yrs old and first in line is affection from their daddy. if her mom and daddy are seperated and the young daughter chooses to live with daddy she can have her daddy eating out of her hand quickly starting with her natural ability to exploit his sexual desires by getting his attention by flaunting your young girl sexual assets to him. he won't deny it! yes! even a 10yo girl has the sexual attraction most older men secretly desire,even the time you give him the chance to see you in just your panties you have daddy wanting more. keep your sexual pressure on daddy until he takes your panties off and pleasures you better than any man ever will because he adores his baby girl. after you give daddy the taste of your young sex he will open up his wallet to buy you anything that makes you happy. this works with single mothers and sons too. any questions? text me at 509 846 4718

    Posted 4 months ago

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