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  • I am an alcoholic. I'm 22 this year and ive been drinking every day since my first day as freshman a in high school, if I can say anything to the next generation it would be don't bother with alcohol it's just a false positive. You feel good you think things are great but when the buzz wears off and reality sits in you just wasted hours of your life on something that doesn't benefit you. For instance I'm drunk right now it's gone from casual to religious. I'm not even drinking for the buzz anymore I'm drinking to forget, what to forget you ask? To forget that I'd rather get drunk then spend time with my family, I'd rather get drunk then go to my aunts funeral, rather get drunk then choose a career that would set my life up for success. You think oh you're still young. No the addiction to alcohol goes from I want to be happy to I can't cope faster then you realize. It's hard to stop something you feel you need. The human body is easily corrupted. So why waste your time corrupting it when you can be looking for things that benefit your life, like love and a family. You may think oh you're only 21 what do you know, well I know that I'm probably still going to be drinking heavily when I'm 40. Why because it makes me feel good and it's easier then seeking professional help. The thing is it doesn't last long. And as a human being I think oh I've still got time but you don't. I don't even know if what I've been writing makes since anymore. I'm all over the place but still trying to make a point. Again I'm drunk so I'll just say my point and stop talking about myself. The feeling of alcohol isn't worth what it can do to your life. As someone who's said that catchy phrase "oh I can't get addicted to anything I've got willpower" I know and am proof that one night of drinking can change your life forever. And I'm not saying you can't drink just when you drink stop yourself when it seems like to much. Because a buzz is all you need getting shit faced doesn't do anything but embarrass yourself and corrupt your body. That's all I have to say hopefully I made since and hopefully it helps someone. Thanks for taking your time to read. I wish the best luck to you in your life.

    Posted 4 months ago

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