My neighbor Tillie

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  • Tillie lives across the hall from me and she is 63 years old. I'm 24 and 3 months ago part of an old porch roof fell on me at my job. I still have a hard time walking but I'm not confined to my bed as Tillie believes I should be. I did have a nurse coming twice a week the first month and when she stopped coming Tillie just took over like a mother hen. My body does look worse than it feels since I still have many scars and lumps on my legs and back. The first time she gave me a sponge bath was so embarrassing I almost cried. She actually held my penis up while washing my scrotum and anus telling me this is how she took care of her husband before he died. She not only cooks for me but every other day she comes in and undresses me and I lay there naked as she washes me head to foot. At first I never got erections but for the last month or so every time she washes my genitals and holds my penis I get an erection. I tell her I'm sorry but she just says it happens to young men. This lady is old enough to be my grandmother so I have no sexual interest at all. Its just the way she holds my penis and washes me that gets me aroused. I'm not embarrassed anymore with her seeing me naked but I am when I can't stop getting an erection. I've only been living here for a year and only have a few friends. I am guilty of letting Tillie think I am still hurt but the truth is I can shower by myself and do when she isn't here. I let her keep doing it mainly because it feels so good.

    Posted 4 months ago

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